Things You Need to Know About Getting South African Citizenship

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In case you intend to marry a foreign citizen and preparing to settle in South Africa, you must make sure
they are living legally in the nation or you could end up at the wrong side of the law.

Can a South African Marry a Foreigner?

Yes, you can marry a Non-South African, since December 2014-Home Affairs created a stipulation which every South African citizen has to comply to. I have highlighted them below;

When you and your spouse agree to get married legally in South Africa, you will have to physically get to any Home Affairs Office, with the required documentation.

If you have dated or married a permanent resident for less than 5 years. You could apply for the permanent residency.

If you want to acquire South African citizenship through marriage you need to be in a relationship with a
South African citizen for 2 to 3 years. You will get a temporary visa which lasts for 2 to 3 years.

In case you are dating a permanent resident and you are not illegible for business, work and study visas, you could acquire the life partner or spousal visa which permits you to work, live and study in South Africa on the provisions of the permit.

In some scenarios, this procedure is comprehended as less grim as compared to other visas. For the case of life partner residency, it gets approved if you are married or permanently engaged to a permanent citizen or a foreigner who has South African Permanent Residency.

How can I get permanent residence in South Africa?

You are eligible to apply for South Africa permanent residence in case you or your partner have been
working and living in South Africa for about 5 years.

You may apply for the direct residency authorization. However, prior to making the application, you must
prove to the Home Affairs Minister that you are neither an “undesirable” or “prohibited” person.

Some of these people are those with specific infectious maladies for example cholera, bankrupts, a myriad of criminals as well as those found in racial hatred organizations. When you receive confirmation accepting you, then you could apply for the permanent residence.

When you are a permanent resident, you enjoy most of the responsibilities and rights of the South African Citizen however you cannot vote in the South African general elections.

The permanent residence could be withdrawn in case you do not reside in the country in the first year from when you received the permit, if you get charged with a grave criminal offense or if you reside out of South Africa for more than three years.

The South Africa permanent residence eminence will not influence the original citizenship of the holder. They may be issued with the nation’s identity book, however not the passport.

What is a marriage interview in South Africa?

You have to be aware of the referral system based on setting an interview with Home Affairs immigration
officer. This is the case if the couple gets married within South Africa and you could be a foreigner and your spouse is a SA citizen. The interview will have to occur with the immigration person a week before the wedding.

You and your partner will avail the required marriage documentation to the Home Affairs department of marriage. When all the data is correct, an officer from the marriage department accompanies you to the immigration for an appointment. You will then go for an interview with the officer of immigration.

The officer then fills in the interview form and stores it at the Home Affairs Branch. Remember that you cannot call Home Affairs to organize a telephonic interview. Marriage officers are not allowed to organize interviews for you and your spouse’s behalf.

You will have to appear physically to the Home Affairs a fortnight prior to the wedding to offer Home Affairs time to examine and verify the stamp of the foreigner getting into the country.

They will also verify the authenticity letter’s no lawful infraction and to ensure appointment for the interview a week to your wedding.

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